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hello everyone!

The Spring Festival of the year of gengzi mouse has a special time. Since novel coronavirus pneumonia spread, Jinzhong's various departments and cadres and masses have entered the "wartime" state rapidly. From city to village, from street to end of the road, the whole city is fighting against it, contributing to the fight against epidemic prevention and control.

Take responsibility in times of crisis. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government acted in a timely manner. The main leaders studied and deployed for many times and went deep into the front-line guidance work. The leading group and all relevant departments performed their duties. The role of the grass-roots party organizations as fighting fortresses and the vanguard and exemplary role of the Communist Party members were fully played. The streets, communities and villages fully implemented the requirements, worked together to "prevent, control and treat" the epidemic, and made every effort to organize The prevention and control network has been closely organized, forming a strong joint force of four levels of joint prevention and control in cities, counties and villages.

Prevention and control of the epidemic is about you, me and him. At the end of the extended holiday, many of you have to return to work, but the awareness and measures of prevention and control cannot be less. In front of the epidemic, everyone is not an island or an outsider. We are all participants and beneficiaries of the battle. Starting from me, starting from now, starting from a little bit, we can contribute to epidemic prevention and control.

In extraordinary times, we should pay more attention to family and personal hygiene, wear masks, wash hands frequently and ventilate frequently, which is not only to cope with the epidemic situation, but also to develop and promote good habits. If there is a suspected situation, it should be reported in time as required, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and isolation. In the extraordinary period, in order to maintain "extraordinary distance", in addition to work, we should try to avoid crowded places. Nowadays, with developed information, many things can be solved through the network and telephone, and we should always pay attention to the latest developments, express our concern and become conscious actions. Of course, we should maintain confidence and determination, respond to the situation in a scientific and rational way, and do not spread rumors. Do a good job in their own work, do a good job in protection, especially the front-line staff such as medical staff to protect themselves, students do not fall behind learning. Spring has come. May the patient recover soon and everyone be safe.

At such a time, we should pay our highest respect to the "fighters" and "rebels" who are fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention and control. Turn respect into action and do your own thing. To protect ourselves is to protect others. To be good at ourselves is to lighten others' burden. Let's overcome all the difficulties.

Starting from me, I have been unremitting in our efforts to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.


Leaders and colleagues:

The festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival was diluted by an epidemic. I am very excited to represent the members of the medical team of aiding Hubei to celebrate the new year and wish you good health and the year of the rat.

This year is a special spring festival. In the face of the dangerous epidemic, what Wuhan, Hubei Province needs most is the support of the whole nation, especially the medical force and materials. At this juncture, as medical workers, we have the responsibility to stand together with the people of Wuhan to overcome the difficulties.

The provincial Party committee and the provincial government fully implemented the decision making plan of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. After organizing the dispatch of medical backbone to form a medical team to rush to Hubei, the majority of medical workers in the whole province responded positively to the call and actively applied for registration, which fully reflected the highly conscious overall situation and the spirit of dedication without complaining. It's a great honor to be a member of the medical team. Here, on behalf of all members of the medical team, I would like to make the following statement: first, resolutely complete the mission. At present, what the people of Hubei need most is medical strength and medical supplies. As medical workers, we firmly support Hubei's fight against the epidemic as a major political responsibility and special mission. We should conscientiously integrate our thoughts and actions into the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping at the Standing Committee meeting of the political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the provincial Party committee. We will spare no effort to fight against the epidemic and treat the patients, give full play to my professional knowledge, and use our heart and energy to successfully complete the task of epidemic prevention and control.

Second, we must resolutely safeguard our own security. While putting people's life safety and physical health first, we will do a good job in self-protection, prevent cross infection, and ensure that all members of our medical team go back with responsibility and safety.

Third, I sincerely thank my family for their support. Here, I would like to thank my family for their support. When I told my family to sign up for the medical team, my wife and parents were worried about it, but they also unconditionally supported my decision, reassured me that they would take good care of their children. The family members of our medical team are all like this and support our work unconditionally. I think the support of family members is our dependence. We are very grateful for the support of our family. Here, please rest assured that we will take good care of ourselves and wait for our triumphant return。


Dear teachers and students

hello everyone!

Students, do you want to make yourself healthy? Are you afraid of disease? There is no doubt that everyone wants to keep his body healthy.

The new semester has begun, and now it is in the period of winter and spring seasons, with great changes in temperature difference, which is a period of high incidence of infectious diseases. There are many kinds of infectious diseases, such as influenza, diarrhea, measles, epidemic costitis, scarlet fever, varicella, and cerebrospinal meningitis. They can be spread through saliva. The chance of cross infection of school personnel increases, which is very easy to occur infectious diseases, and the spread speed is fast, affecting a wide range of people. But as long as we do a good job in prevention, early detection, early isolation, early diagnosis and early treatment, we won't have a chance for the virus. I put forward some suggestions to prevent the disease.

First of all, on the self side, we should develop good behavior habits, improve our ability of disease prevention, wash our hands before meals. As the saying goes, diseases come from the mouth. We should keep our hands clean at all times to prevent bacteria from entering the mouth. We should also strengthen physical exercise, strengthen our body and improve our immunity. Finally, we should drink water frequently. Although drinking water is a traditional method, it can clean up the waste in our bodies and prevent the infection of diseases.

Then, on the collective side, we need to ventilate and disinfect the classroom in the school. Opening windows for ventilation can promote air circulation and avoid air pollution. Disinfection can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduce the chance of external infection. After that, it is to standardize the use of disinfectant. If not, the disinfectant will hurt our body and cause many other diseases. Therefore, it is also important to standardize the use of disinfectant. In addition, if there are students suffering from infectious diseases, they should recover at home and do not take classes with diseases. If it is only a slight infectious disease, also need to wear masks to avoid cross infection.

Prevention of disease should start from small things, from little things. I hope my suggestions can help you.